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Mysterious Package Company

Through intricate puzzles and surprising game mechanics, Mysterious Package Company delivers you mind-bending boxes full of artifacts and clues. I designed the things that go in such boxes.

Mysterious Package Company


Mysterious Package Company




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Most of the experiences were based on one or more specific time periods, and the company prided itself in having the most authentic look and feel for the artifacts that are appropriate for that era. I also needed to take into account the puzzle and game mechanics of these assets. Further, every experience included different types of materials, beyond just printed materials, which meant I needed to be nimble in my design approach.

Design Process

Every single piece I produced at the Mysterious Package Company was based on extensive research and multiple iterations and prototyping. Every effect was first done by hand instead of resorting to digital. I worked closely with the procurement manager and vendors to create the most authentic pieces of physical artifacts, and also with the narrative director and product managers to ensure what I create is aligned with their story objectives.


In this case, the process was the solution. In my tenure as the graphic designer, I got to produce a victorian illustrated newspaper, a brass puzzle ring, a 1940s map of Los Angeles, an ancient star map, a vintage coin, just to name a few.

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