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Welloona is a new e-commerce company that specializes in Korean beauty and wellness products. I led the branding process for the client from research and ideation to final branding.







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As this is a net new brand, as well as a personal and entrepreneurial project by the owner, I wanted to make sure she was involved and hands on particularly for the ideation and brainstorming phase, including the naming of the brand. Our goal was to communicate that Welloona is not just another beauty brand, but rather a place that brings together K-beauty enthusiasts and the place to go to for Asian beauty products and well-being practices.

Design Process

I walked the client through the ideation process, starting with word clouds that describe her brand. Out of the brainstorming, the most important aspect to focus on was wellness and well-being. From there, the client added a homophone of her name, -oona, resulting in the brand name, Welloona. It was a perfect representation of what the project is looking to achieve, as well as of the client's personal stamp on her venture.

Based on the name, I decided to centre my design efforts on the sort of ritualistic aspect of wellness and beauty. Everyone has specific routines when choosing and applying skincare and makeup products, according to very personal preferences and protocols. There is also a sense of mystical and magic to the whole process - when you are in front of the mirror, you are imbuing yourself with wellness and beauty, quite literally anointing yourself. The 'loona' in the name, similar to 'luna', also evoked the same feeling of mystique that is often associated with moon, as well as various ceremonies and rites that deal with the moon phases.


For the logo I used a modern serif typeface that is very delicate and elegant, with the two O's overlapping to create two crescent moons, with a star in the middle to indicate that spark of magic. The colour palette was chosen with nature in mind, like warm skin tones or sand, plant life, the ocean or the night sky, crystals. I felt it was important that the colours were grounded in nature, as the magic of rituals and ceremonies are fundamentally about connecting back to the mother earth.

I also art directed the product photoshoot, responsible for setting the visual tone of the products. I approached the art direction in the same lens of curated, ritualistic aspect of beauty and self care, with crystals, plants, and other naturalistic elements as props, and rich colours as backdrops.

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