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Create the way you were designed to create.

holistic guidance

Designed with you in mind

I am passionate about helping creators of all kinds maximize their potential so they can create from their unique zone of genius, without being inundated by the hustle culture and the stereotype of the 'tortured artists'. Using a holistic approach based on Human Design principles, I can help you overcome overwhelm, imposter's syndrome, creative blocks, and design your unique, optimal working style. My services include:

creative career coaching
portfolio review
team dynamics workshop
free mentorship for students

Human Design as a Design System

Human Design is a holistic system combining elements of several spiritual modalities. It's an energetic blueprint that reveals how you are wired to respond, react, think, and make decisions. It's very much like a design system – a single source of truth for a brand, comprised of building blocks that help designers rapidly iterate. Like design systems, Human Design can help inform your strategy and provide insightful solutions. But unlike design systems, which are built to be used as instruction manuals, Human Design is more like a map or a GPS that can help you guide your path, and lets you know when you are off track.

Using Human Design as a basis, combined with my 10+ years of lived experience as a creative wearing many different hats in all kinds of field in all kinds of capacities (in-house, agency, freelance), I can help you figure out your design system to maximize your potential as a creator.

individual sessions

Your Design, By Design

Get more clarity on the way you are designed to create and channel your zone of genius. We'll cover your Human Design basics and how they impact your creativity and career.

What's covered?

  • Unlocking your signature as a creator
  • Recognizing limiting beliefs that block inspiration
  • Streamlining your portfolio and workflow
  • Knowing your worth and value
  • Navigating client relationships
  • Managing negative feedback and ego trips
  • Pivoting and upleveling your career

What's included?

  • Basic Human Design chart reading
  • Portfolio review
$222 CAD per intensive
individual mentorship

YDBD Intensive

Take a deep dive into your Human Design with a comprehensive chart reading to help maximize your potentials. With this richer understanding of yourself as a creative, you will walk away with practical tips and knowledge that you can apply to your career and other areas of your life.

Who is this for?

  • Emerging creatives who want to have a clear blueprint for success as they start out in their journey
  • Seasoned creatives who've figured things out by trial-and-error so far, but desire ease and flow in their next chapter
  • Creatives who are burnt out from toxic relationships with their clients/creative directors/colleagues/agency partners
  • Anyone seeking to pivot their career or uplevel into a leadership position

What's included?

  • Comprehensive Human Design chart reading (including gates and channels)
  • Portfolio review and/or certification mentorship
  • Personalized report (delivered after the session)
  • Follow-up integration call
$555 CAD per intensive
Collective consults

Your Team, By Design

If you're a creative director, you know that individual genii don't always amount to a collective genius. Through individual sessions with your team members and an integration workshop, we'll work together to determine your leadership style, what makes your designers tick, and how to improve the team dynamic so you can all create with ease and flow.

Who is this for?

  • Leaders in charge of a creative team - creative directors, chief creative officers, design directors, art directors, design leads
  • Senior creatives who want to foster a healthy, aligned environment for their junior members to thrive
  • Design managers in large organizations who feel like each department is siloed and desire more cohesion
  • Creative professionals in small organizations where everyone is wearing multiple hats and experiencing friction

What's included?

  • Basic Human Design chart reading sessions for each team members and a comprehensive reading for the lead
  • Personalized reports (delivered after each session)
  • Customized integration workshop for your team
  • Follow-up integration call with the lead
This offer is by application only to determine our fit and to best serve your team. Discovery call mandatory, pricing dependent on the size of the group – please inquire below!
FREE for students

Portfolio + Certification Mentorship

If you are a student studying art or design, or a professional looking to transition into the design industry, you can book a complementary 30-minute call with me to review your portfolio, learn more about getting certified (applicable to Registered Graphic Designers Association only), or anything else that you need to be coached on.

Clients + Employers

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